CA Foundation Business Economics Notes

 CA Foundation Business Economics Notes

CA Foundation Business Economics Notes

Hi friends, today in am shearing CA Foundation Notes, hove this notes will help in your preparations.

Points that cover in this post :

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Business Economics Revision Notes

Business Economics Detailed Notes

ICAI CA CPT Exam: Best Books for Preparation

Here is the complete list of best books section wise for the ICAI CA CPT Exam:


Best Books

Fundamentals of Accounting

Fundamentals of Accounting for CPT

Basic Accounting Simplified

Fundamentals of Cost Accounting

Introduction to Financial Accounting

Mercantile Law

Mercantile Laws: Common Proficiency Test

Mercantile Law Guide

Principles of Mercantile Law

Elements of Mercantile Law

General Economics

General Economics

Basics of General Economics

CPT General Economics

Quantitative Aptitude

Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations

Fast Track Objective Arithmetic

COMBO PACK OF Magical Books On Quicker Maths


List CA Foundation Books Publisher Buy @
All Subjects
  • by faculty of JK Shah Classes
  • Theory & MCQs
  • by P. C. Tulsian
  • Course with Quick Revision Book
Business mathematics, Logical Reasoning and Statistics
  • by P. C. Tulsian
  • Theory & MCQs
Business Economics and Business & Commercial Knowledge
  • by Bharat Tulsian P C Tulsian
  • Theory
Business Laws
  • by P. C. Tulsian
  • Paper 2
Business Mathematics Logical Reasoning & Statistics
  • by Kailash Thakur
  • Theory

Conclusion of this post

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Hope, above notes will help you.
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